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As a leading Brass Components Manufacturing company, our manufactured Brass Precision Parts, Turned Components, Auto Parts, Brass Electrical, Sanitary & Hydraulic Fittings etc are highly in demanded in markets. We are exporters of this Precision Turned Brass Parts in Usa. Our extensive Quality Management System guarantees that every part fulfills the most noteworthy standards, no matter what the industry or application.

Brass machining parts have several key advantages compared to machining different materials. Brass Turned Components and parts are durable, cost-efficient, and even create a more tight seal for fittings. In addition, brass machining parts and turning parts have a high heat and erosion resistance. More significantly, our Brass Precision Components are easy to machine and join, and made to your particulars and guidelines. With a combination of performance-driven machining and quality-driven work force, we have over 50 years of knowledge producing top quality parts for industries going from aerospace to business. We produce turning parts from bars of various materials, sizes and shapes. The different highlights of each part make them appropriate for applications like faucet segments, hose connectors and adapters, pneumatic fittings, gas hoses and cooling equipment, and many more.

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